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Mobile Phone Repairing

Ist Month         Introduction Basic Electronics

Practical on Electronics components

  • Conductor, insulator.

  • Resistor.

  • Capacitor.

  • Diode.

  • Transistor.

  • Led.

  • Crystal.

  • Fuse.

  • On/off Switch .

  • IC & Protector.


Fault testing and measuring through

Multimeter  and other Measuring Device

Familiarization with tools

  • Tweeser

  •  Cutter

  •  Nipper  

  •  Opener              

Soldering & Desoldering practice.

PTH Type Components

SMD Type Components


IInd Month         Introduction of Mobile Phone

 Comparison with Basic Phone

  • Land Line Tele Phone

  • Cord Less Telephone

  • Long range telephone

  • WLL Phone

  • CDMA Mobile Phone

  • GSM Mobile Phone

Batteries & chargers.


Battery  Ni-CD

Ni –MH

Li- Ion

Li Ion Polymer


Charger Type

  SMPS Type



SIM architecture.

What is SIM?
What are the PIN and PUK?

What are locking and unlocking?

What is an IMEI?

How can I find my IMEI?

What is an IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity)?

What is a TIMSI (temporary IMSI)?

What are the PIN and PUK?

How do I change my PIN and PUK?


S.M.D. rework station practice on mobile phone circuit board.

Removing & Installation of SMD Type IC   & other Components


Parts replacing with S.M.D. Rework Station

SMD Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, transistor, Led, IC, Net RFPA, Joystick, Charging Connector, Battery Connector, Lcd Connector, LCD,

other Switch And Connectors.


Phone Assembling & Disassembling.

General MMI  repair practice.

Ringer , Speaker, Microphone , camera,   Vibrating Motor Checking & replacement Technique


Different fault finding e.g.

Ringer fault, Speaker fault, Micro phone fault, Camera fault,       flex cable , Lcd, Key Pad,Liquid      damage, Set Dead, network fault, No charging etc


Handeling Phone Operating Software

Phone Menu & Option, Contact, Tones, Message Gallery


BGA (Ball I.C.) practice on Motherboard.

BGA IC resoldering
Ball Making
IC Installing


Practice of circuits tracing

Charging , Audio, Ringer, Vibrator Motor,

Display,   Keypad, Power, Memory, Fm    Radio,    SIN, MMC, Camera, IR DA , Bluetooth, Network Section


Other Important Tips and Notes.

Solutions of students problems

Revision and Class Test


IIInd Month         Introduction to Software and Computer


Learning on Windows Operating System

Mouse Operation & key Board Operation

Key Board Type Practice Through Word   Pad.    Mouse Practice on Paint Brush



Ring Tones, Sing tone, Video Clip,            Animation,      Morphing, Audio song ,        Video song, Application,  Antivirus,   Games through           

  • IR DA

  • BLUE TOOTH            

  • MMC RW

  • Data Cable

Handling Service / Repair Software

  • Flashing technique

  • Software Factory Resetting

  • IMEI Repairing

  • Phone Formatting

Unlocking of various security locks, SIM Flashing of various mobile phones. Repairing  technique of all types of software related faults through Computer