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Cuttack - 753001, Odisha

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Admission open for Mobile Repairing,Computer & Hardware Networking ; Laptop Repairing Contact to  ET&T, Cuttack, Phone No. 0671-2304788, 0671-2303788 9238430300 ET&T Smbalpur Phone No.9861619391, 9237801112 


My views on to-day's fastest growing unemployment and solution to deter it, even after 57 years of independence we prepare our child to become a slave and to live the life of a Babu. As such our education trains for selection of our child as a service holder. We never try to create confidence within him that he should take interest in how things are made and we never encourage him to become an employer in future and acquire knowledge for it. In to-days world of high ambitions and no job what a youth who has been brought up with extra care will do ? I assure you that the rate of unemployment among these no-capability but high ambitious youth will increase steeply but there will hardly be any unemployed who has taken technical training. Many technical trainings are there, among all these the most commonly used & even within the reach of our villages is Mobile Phone, now a days Mobile Phone network service is spreading day by day & has taken a major role in our day to day life, so this need itself creates the market for Mobile Phone Repairing sector.

If successfully anybody completes the course then I am sure & all of you know that he or she can't be unemployed anymore, besides it will give a very good earning. I have studied History of Orissa, India, Europe, World till I passed B.A. I am unable to locate where it is helping me. But yes I am proud to be graced by the almighty to create great entrepreneurs through this training programme from amongst youth who might have failed to secure a job. They are the proud employers to-day. So lets start a new day a new era of generating self-employment & save our society from employment scarcity